Quick rules single game



  • Opponents stand opposite each other outside the service circle,
  • The serving player has both feet flat on the floor,
  • Reaching is allowed to play the ball away from the opponent,




  • The rally starts after the service has taken place,
  • A player may touch the ball a total of maximum 2 times,
  • The bal must bounce on the floor between those two touches,
  • A ball that hits the top of the wackitbase is now for the opponent,
  • A player which receives the ball may choose to let the ball bounce once on the floor before the first strike or may choose to volley it, When a player estimates that the ball coming from the opponent will be in, then the player may volley the bal.
  • But when the player thinks the ball may go out, he or she will choose to let it bounce.




  • Similar to double game,
  • The opposing team member stands inside the service circle during serving,
  • The opposing team member hits the ball on the wackitbase but the ball lands outside the court,
  • The opposing team member fails to recover the ball back to the wackitbase,
  • The opposing team member touches the ball with any part of his/her body other than the racket (clothing included),
  • The opposing team member touches the wackitbase,
  • The opposing team plays the ball more than twice,
  • When a ball bounces twice in a row (consecutive bounces),
  • When a shot of the opposing team member bounces twice (or rolls ) on the wackitbase,