Basic rules

The purpose of the game is to hit the top of the centered wackitbase in such a way that the ball would land inside the circle.

The ball may be played twice with the racket. The first hit is the "pass" and the second hit is called a "shot".

When playing double game, "pass" and "shot" are played by different team members.

The ball must bounce before being hit the second time. The bounce may be on the floor or an adjacent wall. The ball may never consecutive bounce twice on the same surface.


The player or team who wins the toss may serve first.

The service goes to the team or player who lost the last point.

The wackitbase™sits in the middle of a small circle. This is the sevice circle. All players must stand outside this circle when serving.

The wackitbase features the wackitball logo in the centre. Players position themselves according to the lines of the logo outside the service circle.


A team scores when the opposing team misses the wackitbase or when the ball lands outside the court.

A match has 3 or 5 sets to 13 points with 2 points difference.

The ball on the line is inside the court.


Hinder results in a replay of the point.

Fairplay is important. When in doubt, replay the point.